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Returns Processing

Returns are the un-sold copies from Retailers “returned” to us for credit. Gordon and Gotch operate primarily on a weekly returns system. Weekly returns benefits both our publisher and retailer clients as follows:

• Publisher clients benefit from accurate sales projections within three weeks of recall, and

• Retailer clients benefit from improved cash flow and improved supply accuracy

Gordon and Gotch offer two efficient electronic ways for retailers to process their returns.

1. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) via XchangeIT - most efficient and preferred method

2. Electronic form on this website.

Both these methods have inbuilt checks in place to assist the retailer in submitting accurate returns claim data. Some of our Retailers use paper returns. This method is labour and time intensive for both the retailer and Gordon and Gotch and is currently being phased out.

Magazines not sold are returned by retailers to state warehouses where the parcels are scanned and the returns processed. Our Returns Processing Team is also responsible for managing the returns audit process. A physical audit is conducted in our state warehouses to ensure claimed returns are accurate.

Ultimately magazines are shipped to the D&D warehouse in Victoria, a dedicated returns processing facility, magazines requested to be retained by our publishers are packed for storage and those to be disposed of are pulped for recycling.