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Allocations Profiling

We distribute approximately 3,500 titles and represent over 330 publishers. Our extensive range of both mass media and special interest publications ensures our portfolio is of continuing value and relevance to our retail partners, and provides our publisher clients effective allocation profiling.

We will work closely with you to develop an allocation profile for your title. A detailed analysis of each newsagent's sales history and potential for titles in your category will be used to formulate an allocation which can be supplemented using your demographic knowledge of your potential reader.


Magazines are supplied to retailers on a sale or return basis. On expiry of the on-sale period we prompt newsagents to send their claim for unsold copies. Gordon and Gotch operate a weekly returns system which provides our publisher clients accurate sales projections within three weeks of the recall, enabling informed print run maintenance and prompt newsagent allocation maintenance.

While full copy returns can be requested from newsagents, we do not receive full copy returns from all areas and do not warrant the quantity or condition of copies retrieved. The collection of full copy returns attracts a per-copy fee plus delivery charges to your nominated destination(s). Alternatively, you are able to nominate the maximum number of copies you want retained, and the remaining full copies are pulped at no cost to you.

The returns process takes two months to finalise. We are contractually obligated to provide newsagents two months to validate their return credits, and after the return period has lapsed we provide a certificate of unsolds detailing actual sales.


Typically, retailers receive 25% of the retail price per copy sold, with all magazines supplied on a sale or return basis.

Our distribution fee is calculated on the number of copies distributed i.e. we charge you a set fee for each copy distributed. Our fee covers distribution to newsagents, collection of information regarding unsold copies and same sales reporting.


Gordon and Gotch have merchandisers in all capital cities and major rural areas who call on the top 1,000 newsagents on a weekly basis. The cost for merchandising varies depending on the in-store activities requested.


Publications must carry a barcode. For further information regarding establishing a barcode we suggest you contact Stratix Australia Pty Ltd (


For guidance on indicative pricing, please complete our on line enquiry form.

Once this document is completed it will be e-mailed to us. A member of our new business panel will contact you upon receipt and review your query and product sample (if available).